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Red Castle - Maternity & Nursing Pillow Big Flopsy

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Multi-purpose cushion, BIG FLOPSY is a maternity and nursing cushion which measures 170 cms unfolded.

Thanks to its large size it is ideal during pregnancy when finding that comfortable position in which to relax is not often easy for mothers-to-be.

The BIG FLOPSY cushion, filled with high quality micro pearls as light as feathers, anti-allergenic and odourless, moulds itself around the body, offering support and comfort at all times.
Ideal when lying on the side, the BIG FLOPSY cushion can also nestle between knees, provide back support, or fold in two to lift up and relieve tired legs.

Once baby has arrived, the BIG FLOPSY cushion is a wonderful help during breast or bottle feeding. It supports the mother's back, rests her arms and shoulders and generally props baby up comfortably on her knees. It can also turn into a nest on which you may lay baby down and later, become a wedge to help him when he starts to sit up alone. (Never leave a child unattended).


Length: 170cms

Weight: 1.4kgs

Fabric: Cushion filled with extra light, anti-allergenic, odourless micro-pearls

Fleur de Coton® fabric cover - removable cover is machine washable