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Angelcare - Dress Up Nappy Disposal Bin

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If you're looking for a stylish way to enhance your nappy changing routine, look no further than the Angelcare Dress Up Nappy Disposal System.

This outer design of this innovative bin can be changed to suit any nursery decor simply by swapping the outer fabric sleeve.

There's plenty of design options to satisfy all styles of nursery so you'll never be stuck for choice and can customize your nappy bin as your tastes change.

The Angelcare Dress Up Nappy Bin is simple to assemble and uses the trusted Angelcare multilayer barrier film refill to lock smells in. Easy to open, simply lift the lid and place your nappy through the clamp.

Closing the lid activates our odor lock mechanism, designed to keep those stinky smells locked inside. It's also really easy to empty - simply lift the lid, pull out more plastic film, cut and tie off.

The Dress Up bin holds up to 36, size 1, nappies, reducing the number of trips to the outside bin. Hygienic, practical function combined with elegant form - an award-winning combination. A stylish way to keep your nursery smelling fresh and clean!

Features & Benefits

• Hygienic Push & Lock - With the Push & Lock system it’s very easy to dispose of a nappy. Just push it through the clamp system and it’ll disappear automatically into the multi-layer bag

• OdourSeal – The multi-layer film in the cassette provides effective odour-barrier and antibacterial technology, for a more fragrant home.

• Easy-to-use Refill – All nappies in the nappy bin are safely contained and you’ll not have to touch or smell them ever again.

• Environmentally Friendlier – As not all nappies are wrapped individually, the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System Deluxe uses up to 4 times less plastic than other systems.

• One-handed operation: So simple to use, with no difficult twisting required, you just need to push the nappy through the clamp system. Which means you’ll always have one hand free to look after your baby

• Safe and Simple – The cutting mechanism is inside the nappy bin

• Easy to Empty – Remove it just like a normal bin liner (approximately once a week)

• Customizable with Fabric Sleeves. Select from a variety of designs and choose a sleeve1 that fits your style - think of your nursery decor and the space you've created for baby in your home. Fabric sleeves are sold separately

• Blends with your decor. Your Nappy Disposal System blends with your space while providing superior odor control

White Bin: What's included in the box
The Angelcare Dres Up Nappy Disposal System includes:
1 x The Angelcare Dress Up Nappy Disposal Bin
1 x Angelcare Refill Cassette
1 x Instruction manual

White Bin + sleeve combo: What's included in the box
2 x Sleeve as per color option
1 x The Angelcare Dress Up Nappy Disposal Bin
1 x Angelcare Refill Cassette

Sleeve only option
1 x Sleeve as per color option - suitable for Angelcare Dress Up Nappy Disposal Bin only (Bin is NOT included).