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Cleaning Services

Sparkling new again. 

Do you remember the first time you took your baby out in your brand new stroller?
Wouldn't you love to have your baby-gear looking brand sparkling  new again?

The Stroller Spa helps busy parents keeping their strollers, car seats and other baby-gear free of germs and looking like new! 
Our eco-friendly, non-toxic and organic cleaning service starts with picking up your item from your home or office and ends with returning it to your chosen location in a sparkling clean and most importantly germ-free condition.
Why us The Stroller Spa and not another laundry type service?

Chemical cleaning or commercial laundry type services are not recommended for most stroller and car seat brands as the use of abrasive cleaning agents may jeopardize the integrity of the fire-resistant coating of the materials.
Furthermore incorrect re-assembly of baby-gear may cause serious safety hazards and being parents ourselves we understand that safety comes first when dealing with baby-gear. Therefore our team is extensively trained to safely un-assemble, clean and re-assemble your stroller, car seat and other baby gear.

In addition, each stroller and car seat brand has it own requirements  for cleaning and we tailor our services accordingly, always using non-toxic, baby-safe and organic cleaning products in combination with steam-cleaning methods to ensure stain-free and germ-free results. 


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